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Walden is the seat of Jackson County, Colorado. Nestled in a mountain bowl at 8100 feet in elevation, Walden is especially known for its outdoor recreation activities. Looking to escape the world for some peace and quiet? Our hiking and fishing opportunities are virtually endless. In search of something more fast-paced? Walden is the perfect area to engage in activities such as motorcycling, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and much more! People also come here to hunt and observe various kinds of wildlife such as antelope, elk, moose, birds, bears, and more on a daily basis. 

As the home to around 600 people, our small town is a great place to break away from the busyness of the rest of the world, especially when it is a 60 mile drive from every other city in the area.

Walden boasts a variety of restaurants and bars, all of which are sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Even better, the cabin is within walking distance to almost all of these local businesses!

For local activities and dates, check out the North Park Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page. 

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